Lost ring in Hollis NH while spring cleaning yard

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

I had a message left on my phone Sunday by Brian who lives in Hollis New Hampshire. Brian had been cleaning up sticks and leaves in his yard the day before when he noticed his wedding ring missing. As soon as I got off work I headed to Hollis NH. Turns out it was his dads ring originally, so you can imagine the personal value. Brian stated he had gloves on most the day and tried to recall all the times he took them off or worked without them. He had also borrowed an old White’s metal detector and searched for hours. I went over all the areas he and his wife pointed out to me. I guess I spent an hour or so before starting to get discouraged. It was a big yard, so if I was going to have to search the entire area I was going to have to come back. His wife and I started a conversation while I searched all the areas earlier discussed, but this time I broadened my search area by a couple feet. There were multiple debris piles and one large one they had apparently been using for years. I walked out in the center of the pile and got a pull tab signal, checked it and it was a pull tab. I got another pull tab signal and made the comment, ” it’s another pull tab but we have to check them all right? Well it wasn’t a pull tab it was the ring. I hope I never get used to the wide eyes and big smiles.


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