Lost earring Salem NH returned

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

After 3 trips to a lake in Salem NH to look for a lost earring I had about given up. I have to smile when I think about the owners attitude. Vicki was very matter of a fact that I was going to find the earring and that I was going to find it before this winters freeze. She had more confidence in me than I did. I did everything according to procedure. A proper question and answer session and a perfect grid search way beyond the bounds of where the earring could have been. As it turns out it wasn’t that part of the process that was flawed. It was my tools. I did some investigation work and determined that the match to this earring just wasn’t going to respond properly if at all to the coils I had available for my machine, so with some discussion the family decided we would buy the coil needed and start over. The 4.5 sniper coil arrived and I came back out at my earliest time. Unbelievably after 10 minutes in the same exact area I hunted before I got a signal identical to the one I got while testing the coil on the earrings match. I wish I had a better camera because there was something magic about having a fist full of sand and debris oozing out between your fingers with a 1.5 karat diamond lodge between my pointing finger and my middle finger. The sun was bright and the diamond looked like it was in a show case. I can’t explain how happy I was for these guys! Really nice people.



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  1. Tim Kerber says:

    Fantastic recovery. Great perseverance. I am glad you figured out the issue and it paid off!

    Tim K – TRF NH

    1. Guy Fuller says:

      I would like to do the same for the guy at Hampton. Spent an hour there yesterday, but they had fireworks and had to leave. Thanks for the comment.

  2. John Volek says:

    Nicely Done, it’s almost always a must to have the match on the smaller items from my experiences. I like you initially had the wrong equipment and could not find the smaller items. The AT Gold with the super sniper coil fixed the problem.

    Great Job

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