Lost, 75 miles per hour ring, found on highway in Derry NH

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

Wow Guys and gals, be careful when trying to get a fly out of your car. I got a call from a young man the other day, it seems his bride of 8 years and himself were coming home from a day in the mountains and biking when a pesky fly wouldn’t exit the truck. Well as it turns out it was a big horsefly and while shoo shooing it out the window off goes what is probably the most unique ring I have ever found. I don’t know if anyone has noticed the amount of trash on the sides of our highways, but let me tell you there is a ton of it. If I picked up 1 piece of trash I picked up 200 and when Evan and I thought we had about cleared out a quarter mile of people’s leavings I found another one, but I knew the owner of this one. The thing is the ring was sitting right on the side of the pavement about 10 yards of where I had predicted it should be, if what Evan had told me was accurate. It was sitting perfectly centered on the little piece of trash pictured next to it in the photo. It’s 18K gold wrapped in meteorite, so not only was the signal crazy, but the ring was camouflaged as a butter lid. Ha Ha! No matter we got it back where it belongs. Smiles all around!     evanringtrash evanringSolitaire evanSmile

4 Replies to “Lost, 75 miles per hour ring, found on highway in Derry NH”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Crazy search…Out of this world! Way to go on finding that cool looking ring!

  2. Guy Fuller says:

    Thanks Chris

    I learned from the best. Watched all your videos and use my faculties like God gave them to me. Two ears and one mouth, in other words I listen to what you tell me when we talk. 🙂 Slow end of summer and have had two ladies stiff me. Last time I give a ring back before getting paid. Not even gas. These are people driving cars that the note is more than my rent. People never fail to amaze me.

  3. Jason Bontrager says:

    Great recovery. The hardest rings to find I believe are the highway searches. Been stiffed several times myself this year. Oh and I will comment on your post for sure they always say. Hang in their because the next one maybe the easiest and most rewarding.

    1. Guy Fuller says:

      Probably shouldn’t even mention the bad apples, its not why I’m here anyway. I’m sure I have issues just as they 🙂 Hey! I got to find something they lost, so good for me. Thanks Jason for stopping by!

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