22K Lost Ring at Kimball Farm in Westford MA. FOUND

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

On the week ending Sunday June 8th I was ready for Monday to roll around. Strange thing to say for most, but Monday is my Friday and it had been a long week and even a longer weekend. Well, like most things in life fate doesn’t always cooperate. At exactly 8:08 I got a call from a lady who’s husband lost his wedding ring while playing volleyball at Kimball Farm, an amusement park in Massachusetts. It turned out the park closed at 10:00 PM, the park was 43 miles away,  and I still had to pick my daughter up from a friends house. I picked Paige up at 8:30, we hit a traffic jam at 8:40, and finally arrived at Kimble farm at 9:33, so that gave us 27 minutes to find the couples ring. Not very much time to meet and greet someone you’ve never met in your life, but sometimes you have to forgo the formalities in order to get the job done. These guy’s were very solemn the whole while we were looking for the ring. It was cute to me, but I’m sure not the couple that every time I got a signal and Paige found it they would run over to see what it was. Well, 17 minutes and $2.65 later I got my third solid nickle signal and stopped detecting, but while I fumbled with my camera Paige reached into the sand and simultaneously smiled really big. She knew what her fingers had grabbed a hold of and of course I did too. Needless to say our solemn couple turned into high school sweethearts all over again. Everyone went home happy and I let Paige keep the reward! What do you think do they look happy to you? Is 22K gold not absolutely gorgeous?

kimball ring1 kimball ring2