Platinum ring returned in Concord MA

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

Hey guy’s and gal’s!

What a great hobby we have. Being from Texas I can’t get enough of the country side here in the Northeast and this trip to Concord, MA was so enjoyable. This is not a bad photo, but cropped at the gentleman’s request for privacy. I think you can still see the slight upturn of his mouth. “What’s that all about?” Happy guy?! I too was a happy guy, because I have gotten some pretty crazy request lately. The last phone I looked for, for 4 hours, ended up 300 miles away two states over, but that happens some times. We got a new detector on the way and started classes to get certified as a diver. Not only will this add to how I can help people and expand my search areas, but it’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with my daughter. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Loving and helping people, sharing your passions, and counting your blessings everyday.

4 Replies to “Platinum ring returned in Concord MA”

  1. John M says:

    Nice work! I am happy to help people out, but I normally keep it to the general area of 50-100 miles, 300 is a bit excessive for me. If it was a friend in need then sure, but probably not for a random unless it was something out of the ordinary.

    1. Guy Fuller says:

      I guess I should clarify. It had been stolen not lost.

    2. Guy fuller says:

      The phone had been stolen and was electronically located in ME. I cut off the phone search after 4 hours of digging snow.

  2. BDG says:

    Wow, definite dedication on this find, Guy. Great job!

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