Platinum wedding ring returned in Marblehead, MASSACHUSETTS

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

Eric in Marblehead  Hey guys and gals! I got a call last week from a man, in Marblerhead MA, who lost his ring while playing catch with his son.  Loosing something important to you while doing something that is important to you seems very unfair to me, so as soon as I got the call I headed south to Marblehead.

When I got there, Eric told me, “Five adults have been crawling around on their knees for three hours looking for my wedding ring” He showed me the area in his back yard and sure enough there was evidence of many a feet walking around. Actually it looked like the high foot traffic areas at a fair ground.

Eric like many other of my clients had considered renting a metal detector and I’m glad he didn’t, because 10 minutes after arriving I found his ring.  The thing is, I got at least twenty five signals before finding his ring. What most people don’t know and what a rental shop wont tell you is that Platinum rings up like foil or a pull tab on most detectors. Not only did I ignore to low and to high signals, but I also ignored deep signals, something else a newbie wouldn’t take into consideration.  The ring had obviously been stepped on which always gives me a chuckle. I mean the ring was in fine shape it was just that it was pushed down in the ground. How many cool items have I walked on or over in my life and never even knew they were there. Man do I love this hobby. So, primarily we got Eric his ring back and secondly saved him time and money in the process.

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Guy Fuller