Lost ring in lake found, Nottingham NH JULY 2013

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)


Two comments we never hear enough of, “That’s my wedding ring” and “Now my wife is not going to kill me” Well it may not always be in those exact terms, but close. It’s not that we ring finders thrive on people loosing precious items, but those words mean the item has been found. Both these sentences were used by Darren last Saturday JULY 13. While swimming in a local lake and playing with his nephew, Darren felt his ring come off while throwing his nephew in the water. I got up Saturday morning at 4:30 and had a nice drive to Nottingham NH. The country side and sights here always seem to amaze me. I followed Darren from town down to the lake house his uncle owns, about a ten minute drive. This was about twice as long as it took me to find his ring. Darren gave me great directions on where he believed the ring had gone. Good thing I didn’t follow them to the letter. Don’t get me wrong I do listen very well to what people tell me and it is all very important, but there are reasons we do things the way we do them. The basic grid search and the tossing of enough practice rings helps you stay on track and educates you on where rings go when they leave a finger. Darren’s ring was in the area he said, in 5′ of water, but a  little closer to shore and buried in the mud.  Apparently it had been stepped on while being previously sought.  Thank goodness the water was warm. We got the ring and a few clams to boot. Darren is smiling, so all is well with me too.

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Guy Fuller

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