Lake LBJ Ring Recovery

from Austin (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-512-470-7050

I was contacted by a very concerned father who stated that two class rings were lost on the same day in Lake LBJ. The water level was high and there was plenty of water fun by several people that afternoon. The Lower Colorado River Authority had lowered the lake by 5 feet (not just for us) but for residents to work on their docks, which made the chances of recovery much greater. After getting the details of each loss, the first attempt was made on January 22, 2017.

One young man was jumping off the dock when his Northern Arizona University ring flew off his hand, the other ring was a Texas A&M ring which went flying into the water while throwing a football. Neither ring was located on the first attempt.

After regrouping, second attempt was made on February 5th because on February 9th the LCRA was going to refill the lake to it’s normal level. After a couple of hours of searching, the Garrett AT Pro hit on a possible target. The scoop picked up some mud and after sifting the mud out, there it was. A beautiful NAU Lumberjack class ring.

The ring was returned to a very happy Lumberjack Jordan Anderson. The second ring was not located. It would have been nice to have a double recovery.

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  1. John Volek says:

    Way to go Greg, what a great recovery!

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