Engagement ring in Austin Tx - not recovered Dog gone it.

from Austin (Texas, United States)
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Did you ever have one of those call-outs that just seemed odd from the git go? I got an e-mail from a very nice man who explained that he was going through a rather messy divorce and wanted me to check his yards for a missing ladies 18k gold engagement ring. No different than many of the other call-outs that I had and no mention that she was upset and threw it into the yard, but that he wanted me to check his yard for the ring. Ok, I’ll bite. I met him and met his dogs and he lead me to one of the side yards to be checked and he gave me the basis for the yard checks. He wanted to see if any one of his three dogs might have swallowed the ring and …..let’s say, deposited it in the yard.  Ewwwwwww, so being the professional I am and representing The Ring Finders, I gave it a go. Tiptoeing over, around and hopefully not thru the land mines was foremost on my mind as was the metal detector itself. He told me  to pay attention to the yard yummies as that would be the most likely spot if the ring was there.  After checking both yards around the house, I am happy to say that the dogs elimination has been eliminated.  Fido, Muffy, and Buffy are no longer suspects.

5 Replies to “Engagement ring in Austin Tx – not recovered Dog gone it.”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    I have had such a challenge and after 3 seperate searches the ring was found in his office by his wife…Not outside in a pile of…

    1. Greg DeLong says:

      Maybe we ought to have submissions for craziest and wackiest metal detecting story, sort of Metal Detecting gone bad. I’m sure everyone has one or two embarrassing or “memorable” stories to tell.

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    I’ve had a couple of those types of searches too. Even scanned the pets and kids bellies!

  3. john@volek says:


    I am never that lucky, I either side step, back step, or just flat out step into one of those brown piles.

    Nice effort.

    John Volek

  4. Harvey says:

    Can you search for gold or silver inside the walls of a old home? We recently inherited a house that was in the family for 2 generations and is rumored to have metals stashed in the walls. We are going to sell the house and want to have it checked first.

    If so please email me at harvey dot vaughn dot 3 @ gmail dot com

    please change dot to .

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