Help! Lost ring Killeen/Temple Texas - recovered!

from Austin (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-512-470-7050

I guess lightening strikes twice in the same neighborhood. Hieka sent me an e-mail that her ring was “somewhere in my front yard” and she lives within five blocks of last weeks recovery.  I eased her apprehension and told her that her ring would be found, no doubt about it. I arrived at her house and she pointed to the area she thought her ring might be in.  She was doubtful that her ring could be found in her well manicured lawn which was 4″ deep. I told her “No Problem, we’ll find it.” I searched the area most where it most likely was but no results, I could see the concern in her face so the search area was widened. The Garrett AT Pro then did what it does best, I got a good signal, checked it with the Pro Pointer and buried 4″ down in the thick grass was her ring.  After  a quick photo, I gave her back her ring and the smiles started.  Chalk another one up to The Ring Finders for another successful recovery. Killeen B 3 Killeen B 1 Killeen B 2



3 Replies to “Help! Lost ring Killeen/Temple Texas – recovered!”

  1. John Volek says:


    Nice Ring, way to go. I am glad to hear the AT Pro is living up to your expectations.

    John Volek

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Yes they sure have big beautiful rings in Texas! Nice recovery!

  3. Greg, Nice recovery. I’ll bet she slept well after you found her ring.

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