Lost Ring Austin Texas

from Austin (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-512-470-7050
Lost Ring Austin, Texas
Lost your ring, jewelry, keys, or other valuable items at the park or in your own yard, and thought it was gone forever?
The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service now in Austin, Texas and the Central Texas region.  I can also travel to Travis, Williamson, Bell, Bastrop,  Hayes, Llano, and Burnet counties to help you locate your lost items.
Call The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service in Austin, Texas.
The City of Austin prohibits metal detecting in city parks, I can work to secure a permit with the City of Austin so that your valuables can be located and returned to you. If any permits are required for searches, I can work with the local government to secure those permits.
I am a member of the Federation of Metal Detectors and Archeological Clubs, Inc. in addition to Law Enforcement Ground Search Certified by the Garrett Academy of Metal Detecting. I am available to Law Enforcement agencies for Crime Scene Searches.

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