A tough ring find on an even tougher day, North Georgia.

  • from Talking Rock (Georgia, United States)

Testimony by Mr. Robert Kent, October 5, 2021.

“I discovered that I lost my wedding ring halfway up Brasstown Bald on a cool September, 2021, day hiking with my two sons. Tracing steps back, it seemed most likely that it came off while we were swimming at a nearby Georgia State Park lake with a beach access area, but I didn’t really know. I came upon Greg Bradford on The Ring Finders website by accident and called him on a lark. Immediately, it became clear that I was dealing with more than a hobbyist – a serious and very determined analytical professional. We reviewed the situation, Greg was willing to gamble, he gave me what I consider extraordinarily generous terms of engagement, and, on October 5th, a cold day, he hit the lake at this beautiful State Park in his wetsuit but with hands uncovered to operate his sensitive equipment and to be able to “feel” what he was finding on the bottom of the lake. After over 90 minutes in very cold water (I mean VERY COLD water on this chilly October day) he was really suffering and about to be forced to take a break to warm up and “de-ice” his hands. Greg had already found probably every lost quarter in the lake…lol, when – there it was – buried in a foot of muck, MY WEDDING RING!!!!! Frankly, I don’t think he would have quit until sundown. My beautiful wife thought us both completely crazy 😂 and was rendered speechless. What a day!!!”

-Bob Kent, West Atlanta

Hello all, Greg Bradford here.  Sorry for just now getting around to posting this great story.  I have to say that Mr. Kent’s detailed testimony is right on the money. Both he and his wife were an absolute pleasure to meet and to fortunately help out.  I’m not gonna lie…… that water almost made me quit before I even got started!!! I did not have a thermometer with me (never thought about looking at my dive computer to see what the water temp was…. Duh me), but I’d bet the house it was in the lower 50 degree range.  I’m not a cold weather (or water) person, nor am I a quitter. I simply knew I had a job to do and a hopeful customer that had driven a long way to meet me with the remote hopes of returning home with his beloved wedding band.  

I had on a full 5mil wetsuit and over that I had on my 3 mil “shorty” wet suit for as much added warmth and insulation as possible.  I also had on my dive hoodie (and socks and boots obviously) to retain as much heat as I could.  Regardless though, diving and detecting is not exactly like running a few miles where you’re constantly building up body heat.  Diving and detecting is motionless at times and, as a result, can get extremely cold in water temperatures even warmer than this.  While in the water, once you start to lose feel, and get that tingly numb sensation in your fingers and toes……, IT IS TIME TO STOP!!!   

Well….. I was at that point after an hour and a half in the water.  I was actually on my way out of the water to warm up, while still following my “grid” system I had laid out to make sure I was not overlapping the same areas I’d already searched, when I got one last GREAT signal from my Minelab Excaliber 2.  It’s a sound you just cannot mistake, and music to one’s ears, once you’ve learned your machine and equipment.  Luckily (for Bob, his lovely wife and I) I was overly fortunate (more like GLAD!!!!) for this one last signal to have been his ring.  Praise the Lord!!!!!  

By no means was I at the point of giving up, but I was definitely headed out of the water for awhile in order to regain feel in my hands and toes. Once again, I ain’t gonna lie……. OH MAN was I SO glad that last beautiful, loud and crisp signal from my machine WAS his precious, thought to be gone forever, wedding band!! I will say this; had it not been his ring, I was not ready to give up at all.  Bob was right in saying I would have stayed until I found it. “Quit” is not in my vocabulary.  Did I want to get back in that water?  Uh….. heck NO!!!! Hahaha.  Would I have gotten back in that water? Absolutely 100% yes!

Another great day in the water (except for the cold…lol), metal detecting, and most importantly, a successfully safe dive and ring find which led to another happy Ring Finder’s customer!!!  I love it!!

Take Care,


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