Found Gold Necklace, Lake Sinclair Georgia

  • from Talking Rock (Georgia, United States)

Hello to all. Got a call from a very nice couple regarding the unfortunate loss of a HUGE gold necklace. They were boating with some friends on Lake Sinclair in middle Georgia. The gentleman decides to take a jump and back flip off of a popular rock ledge. The backflip, which turned into a “backflop”…. lol, ended up causing the loss of his precious gold necklace that was given to him by a family member when he was very young a long time ago. The girlfriend was actually videoing this jump at the same time the necklace was lost. This was VERY VERY HELPFUL to me no doubt!!!!!
I take my boat out to the location of the loss, along with all of my scuba gear, on day one. Set up my diver warning flags, suit up, say a prayer to our Lord, and get in the water. I spent approximately 3.5 hours that day diving combing the area where I believed it to be. The water was not very deep, in the 10-15 foot range, but was so murky that visibility was near zero….. especially once the silt was stirred up while recovering a signal. Luckily this lake has some current so it really helped in clearing up the “silt-out”….  Day one was not a success even though I did find several nice boat anchors!!!! 😁

Day two- I head out around noon after reviewing the video of the loss in more detail. I will admit I was a bit frustrated in the prospect of thinking that maybe it had already been found due to this being a popular jumping rock….  I get back to the dive site and suit up. This time I decided to go out about 10-12 more feet from the rock where I had dove the day before. After about an hour in the water I get that ALL TOO BEAUTIFUL TONE on my Minelab Excalibur 2…. and it was a rather large object. Keep in mind the visibility is literally about 1 foot in this dark brown water regardless of what the pics look like in the testimonial. My GoPro Hero 8 has some tremendous lighting capabilities!!
I pull out my dive torch (flashlight) and shine it in the area of the signal. No way…. no way…. YES WAY!!!!!😂 I see a small glimmer of gold buried in the silty bottom. I reach into the silt and BAM!!!   There it was!!!  If only I could post the entire video I took at the time of this find you’d probably laugh. I screamed so loud that I probably scared all the fish in the lake. Haha.
Another God given Blessed day!! Not only for my safety as a diver, but for the excitement and anticipation of making that SO awaited for phone call to the customer. As always, it’s all about the search and hopeful recovery of items AND the all too important fact of returning a valuable object to its rightful owner folks!!!  Take care.


4 Replies to “Found Gold Necklace, Lake Sinclair Georgia”

  1. Lindsay Buchanan says:

    We can never find a way to repay you for everything you’ve done for us in finding his necklace! You do amazing things and we are blessed to have met you! Thank you again for finding his necklace!!

    1. Greg Bradford says:

      Hello Lindsay. Thank you so much for your very nice compliment and comment. You’ve already repaid me enough my friend. Just the pleasure of meeting you and J, and seeing the look on his face when I handed it back to him (priceless!!!), was worth more to me than you will ever know! That’s the main reason I love this hobby. I quite honestly was as excited as you both were!! I couldn’t be happier in helping assist you in recovering such a valued item. Take care!!

  2. Rob Ellis says:

    Hey Greg, great recovery!

  3. Greg Bradford says:

    Hello Rob my fellow diving detecting friend! Thank you for your time in leaving me a nice comment. I truly appreciate that. I also got your email about your upcoming search. I wish you the BEST OF LUCK in your hunt. Be safe down there and let us know how it goes!!👍
    -Greg Bradford

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