Gordon Egan

from Broomall (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-610-356-5046

My first call was not for anything I expected. A man who has a leek in the plastic tubing of the radiant flooring  heat beneath his den floor, that has brass fittings  he believed the fittings are  leaking. rather then tear up the whole floor he wanted to zero in on the possible areas of the fittings. The wood floor has a wire grid, and some wire under it, so trying to zero in on the correct place was tedious. Shutting off the electric grid, in the house, turning the sensitivity  way down seemed to be the trick to find them under the 2″ of flooring.  Notched out the Fs. and went to work. after about 1/2 hr. He was pretty sure the problem was in a 15ft. sq. area.We gridded it out and found 3 possible spots that came up as 3 to 5 on the screen, with a solid 4  which I took as the good target for brass. had a  good tone as well. The man is going to rip up the floor in those areas first ,next week, and let me know if I was on target or not. Using the new Fisher  F11 so I’m asking anyone who is reading this to let me know if you feel I was on the right track, or suggestions for the future. Thanks.

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  1. Teja Berberich says:


    Good morning Sir. I also went out there and couldn’t pinpoint the exact spot from the piece he gave me, too much interference for my mid-range detector. I hope he found his leak without having to tear up most of the floor, he was a nice guy who needed some help. 🙂

    Good job. I might have to reach out to you once in a while, as some jobs are just too big for one person or for when I am on travel.


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