Lost family heirloom diamond & gold ring in Boise, Idaho. I Found & Returned it

  • from Boise (Idaho, United States)

I could tell by the pantic broken speech in her voice something was seriously wrong.  On a walk with the dog the day before on a Fall day in Boise, Idaho Barbara slipped, fell and it was gone..  She explained to me, someone might have found it as she had rented a metal detector the day before, but no such luck.  After all, the walking path was not that wide, but at the point she fell it was steep with loose rocks and recent fall leaves making a little slippery.

The stunning diamond ring was actually many pieces of family jewelry past down to her and made into one gorgeous and stunning piece of art.  She could not live with herself if she did not find it and so I was the last hope, a professional with many years of metal detecting experience.

This ring was bigger than most so I new it would not register the same on my detector.  I needed to pay attention to tones that were higher than normal for the detector and also watch the depth meter while only going after targets near the surface.

After 10 minutes I recovered a signal that I was sure to be the ring.  You should have seen the stress let lose from her body as Barbara let out a big sigh or relief and then a huge glowing smile came from her face.

We are both smiles as I just handed the priceless heirloom back to Barbara.


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