Diamond engagement ring lost in yard...Recovered!

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

It was noon on 12/06/13 when Kellie B. called me and asked if I was the guy with a metal detector who found rings for people.  I told her that I was and she proceeded to hesitantly tell me that she had lost her engagement in her yard the evening prior, had been on her hands and knees searching for it all morning, and was desperate.  She provided me her address, which was two counties area, and I told her that I would be there as soon as I could.  I arrived in her driveway at 1:45 PM. Kellie provided me with some details and I explained to her how I planned to search for her ring, which she described as an intricate silver ring (possibly white gold) with a large diamond.  I proceeded my east-west 20 ft x 50 ft grid and had begun my north-south grid when I asked Kellie if her pickup truck had been moved since yesterday, she said it had not been moved.  I asked her if she checked the truck bed which she had not, but immediately did but it wasn’t there.  I visually scanned around and under the truck with no luck either.  I asked her if she had been on the opposite of the truck and she said no.  I proceeded to check the side yard between the driveway and the road and at the end of the second pass received a good tone, but nothing showed on the surface with was more or less packed pine needles and dirt.  I checked with the Pro-Pointer and scraped away some of the needles and saw the ring.  I placed on my little finger and began walking toward when Kellie was on her elevated deck; looking very concerned except when I showed her what was on my finger, not believing what I was showing her, she came down the steps and looked long and hard, then she smiled the biggest smile at me and gave me a huge hug.  I one point she had asked me what all this was going to cost her…at that moment I told her that was what I do it for – the smiles!004 002 003  The huge smile that Kellie has on her face spoke volumns to me; as her untold story is of a Lady who carries a burden beyond what I could possibly bare.  I am truly blessed and feel fortunate to have met her as she is an inspiration to me!