Lost wedding ring found at PA Pocono's Lake Harmony beach

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

On Sunday August 25th I received a call from Joe DeMarco of Demarco Detector Sales; Millvale, NJ who told me that he had received a frantic call from Tammy who lost her wedding ring on a private beach in Lake Harmony-Big Boulder area in PA’s Pocono region. I spoke with Tammy who was very stressed and distraught, said she a friends had stayed in the resort area for the past weekend and were playing volleyball in the private beach area when she noticed her rind missing. She said they searched for a long time and used borrowed rakes to try and find it.  She also said that they had to leave and return home for work the next day in NY, NY. Not being familiar with the area, making numerous inquiries, and researching the location on-line, it was determined that my travel time from Reading, PA was between 1:50 to 2 hours, and since the beach closed at 5pm, I opted to travel there the next morning.  Tammy seemed pleased with that.  On Monday the 26th I left home at 7am and arrived at the fenced private beach at Lake Harmony at 9:15am only to find it locked up. After some phone calls and some detective work I found Linda Nace who was the official/un-official caretaker of the beach area.  She said she was aware of the lost ring and showed me where Tammy had been playing volleyball and where they had their blankets and towels sun bathing.  I began my search at around 9:50 with the volleyball court. Not having any promising tones except small coinage, I extended my grid search to include the area between the volleyball court and the blanket area.  That is where I received the tell-tale tone, and took a fairly decent scoop of sand.  There it was…and it matched the description that Tammy had provided.  I texted her a picture and she confirmed it!  We are working out details of how we will meet-up so I can present the couple with her ring.

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On August 30th my wife and I traveled up to Lake Harmony to meet with Tammy and Shivan.  As it turns out the ring was actually lost by Shivan that day on the beach and was so terribly distraught could not talk and so Tammy took over for Shivan in her best behalf.  Well, the pictures of Shivan’s smile says it all and her wedding ring is now where it belongs!  Let me introduce you; Shivan is on the left and Tammy on the right, and are the most gracious and friendly couple I have met.  I sincerely wish them a long and happy life together and thank them for the generous reward!

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  1. Shivan and Tammy says:

    Gary, words can not explain how grateful we are that you took on our case. It was a blessing to hear your geniune concern to help find our sentimal ring. We just got married 2 months ago. There just aren’t enough people in this world like you and the ringfinders network. My partner Shivan was starting to lose hope, but something said to google metal detector hunters and call the first number on the list. It was a pleasure to have gotten your help. Thank you for going two hours out of your way and doing the detective work to access to the beach at that time in the morning. And to only ask for a donation from us as a payment, it was surprising. You don’t come across sincerity like this often.

    GARY, THANK YOU! You saved our hearts from a lifetime of heartache. We appreciate the blessing of being able to meet you and your lovely wife. I hope we cross paths again sooner than later.

    Shivan and Tammy.

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