Sara and Jeremy Ring Found

  • from Matthews (North Carolina, United States)

On 9-4-2018,  Sara asked me to find Jeremys lost wedding ring. I used an Electroscope by Thomas long range detector to locate the ring.

“I lost my wedding in the lake playing volleyball over Labor Day weekend.  Our family unsuccessfully searched for several hours before we decided it was time to call Gary.  He immediately replied and promptly arrived at the lake to begin searching for the ring.  He searched tirelessly in a torrential downpour, determined to find the ring.  Once the storm had passed and conditions were safer (no more lightning), Gary came back a second time to continue his search.  Within a short time period, he located my ring buried in 8 inches of sand about 40 feet out from shore.  After making the successful scoop, he looked at me with a smile and a thumbs up and I was instantly relieved!  Gary not only has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to finding missing rings, he was a pleasure to talk during his search efforts.  He confidently handled our stressful situation with poise and we are so thankful we called him!  If anyone else ever finds themselves in an unfortunate situation like we did, we HIGHLY recommend you contact Gary.  We can’t say enough good things about our experience with him!  Thanks again Gary!”

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  1. Randy Mullins says:

    Great guy and great expertise show!

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