Lost cochlear Hearing Aid Recovery

  • from Matthews (North Carolina, United States)

On 6-22-2018 I received a call from Debbie regarding a cochlear  hearing aid her 7 year old Jackson accidentally dropped over the side of their boat.   I used my Electroscope by Thomas long distance detector to locate the lost item in deep water. The item was in too deep water and I could not immediately retrieve it. On 6-26-2018 I returned to the location with my friend Van, a diver, and we located the item in about 7-8 feet of water. On 7-9-2018 were able to return the lost item to Jackson. The following information is submitted:

“On Memorial Day weekend Jackson was wearing his cochlear implant processor and was not wearing the cord we normally use that attaches to the processor and then clips to his shirt. The CI processor is sort of heavy due to the battery it uses so although it sits comfortably over his ear, if the magnet piece that attaches to his head falls off, the rest of the processor falls off easily. He was fishing on the fishing boat while it was tied to the dock and he leaned over the side to look at a fish, and plop! It fell off his head and into the water. He immediately burst into tears because he knows how precious his hearing equipment is. My husband and my mom both got in the water to search for the processor but it’s brown, the water was a little murky and it was impossible to find it. They eventually gave up. The next week, I told a client of mine what had happened and she asked if we had tried a metal detector. I hadn’t thought of that so did some searching online and there were a couple stories of people who had lost their processor and they were found using metal detectors. I then searched for someone who had a metal detector and found you.”