Lost Ring Found In NC

  • from Matthews (North Carolina, United States)

While using my Electroscope Model-20 n North Carolina in December 2015 I received 10 or 15 hits. Most of the targets I recovered were clad coins however the last target I recovered was a gold class ring containing a name and year inscribed inside. I contacted the school and asked if they could contact the owner. Within the next few days the owner contacted me. We arranged for a meeting in order to return his ring. I asked the owner if he would submit some history on his ring and he provided the following:

My parents wanted to surprise me for Christmas by giving me a class ring for my junior year in 1990. It was a great gift that I wore with pride. I was self conscious of wearing a ring, so it was strange that i didn”t notice when it fell off. I searched for a few weeks hoping it would turn up before confessing to my parents that it was lost. I never found it and never even knew where i lost it! It was a mystery. That is, until i got an email from school 27 years later that somebody had found my ring using a metal detector. Apparently i had lost my ring during a pick up game of baseball and it sat in the clay next to the pitchers mound on the baseball field for over two decades. The school forwarded me his information and i contacted him immediately. We were not heading north any time soon, but he was headed south so we met close to my home in Central Florida. I now have my ring back, a heck of a good story and a new friend!!

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  1. Linda says:

    Gary found our ring! He keeps going until he finds it !!!

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