Gary Blanchard, Author at The Ring Finders

Lost Rings & Watch found in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • from Matthews (North Carolina, United States)

I received a call from Beverly to try and locate a watch with two rings attached  to her watch that she misplaced. I searched throughout the house using my Fieldscope by Thomas, but was unsuccessful. I decided to search the exterior of her house and finally located her items inside her locked vehicle. Beverly submitted the following to me:


“Gary, you are an outstanding professional, not only knowledgeable but also persistent, patient and sincere. You left “no stone unturned” to find my rings and you succeeded. As you know, somethings are of such emotional value that they are irreplaceable. Thank you very, very much!”

Lost cochlear Hearing Aid Recovery

  • from Matthews (North Carolina, United States)

On 6-22-2018 I received a call from Debbie regarding a cochlear  hearing aid her 7 year old Jackson accidentally dropped over the side of their boat.   I used my Electroscope by Thomas long distance detector to locate the lost item in deep water. The item was in too deep water and I could not immediately retrieve it. On 6-26-2018 I returned to the location with my friend Van, a diver, and we located the item in about 7-8 feet of water. On 7-9-2018 were able to return the lost item to Jackson. The following information is submitted:

“On Memorial Day weekend Jackson was wearing his cochlear implant processor and was not wearing the cord we normally use that attaches to the processor and then clips to his shirt. The CI processor is sort of heavy due to the battery it uses so although it sits comfortably over his ear, if the magnet piece that attaches to his head falls off, the rest of the processor falls off easily. He was fishing on the fishing boat while it was tied to the dock and he leaned over the side to look at a fish, and plop! It fell off his head and into the water. He immediately burst into tears because he knows how precious his hearing equipment is. My husband and my mom both got in the water to search for the processor but it’s brown, the water was a little murky and it was impossible to find it. They eventually gave up. The next week, I told a client of mine what had happened and she asked if we had tried a metal detector. I hadn’t thought of that so did some searching online and there were a couple stories of people who had lost their processor and they were found using metal detectors. I then searched for someone who had a metal detector and found you.”


Sara and Jeremy Ring Found

  • from Matthews (North Carolina, United States)

On 9-4-2018,  Sara asked me to find Jeremys lost wedding ring. I used an Electroscope by Thomas long range detector to locate the ring.

“I lost my wedding in the lake playing volleyball over Labor Day weekend.  Our family unsuccessfully searched for several hours before we decided it was time to call Gary.  He immediately replied and promptly arrived at the lake to begin searching for the ring.  He searched tirelessly in a torrential downpour, determined to find the ring.  Once the storm had passed and conditions were safer (no more lightning), Gary came back a second time to continue his search.  Within a short time period, he located my ring buried in 8 inches of sand about 40 feet out from shore.  After making the successful scoop, he looked at me with a smile and a thumbs up and I was instantly relieved!  Gary not only has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to finding missing rings, he was a pleasure to talk during his search efforts.  He confidently handled our stressful situation with poise and we are so thankful we called him!  If anyone else ever finds themselves in an unfortunate situation like we did, we HIGHLY recommend you contact Gary.  We can’t say enough good things about our experience with him!  Thanks again Gary!”

Levi at Lake Superior 8-1-2018

  • from Matthews (North Carolina, United States)

I received a call to find a lost ring on August 18, 2018. I located this ring using an Electroscope by Thomas long range detector and a Tesoro Tiger Shark metal detector.

“While getting out of a kayak on Lake Superior, we were buzzed by a finishing boat that created some choppy water. I stuck my hand in the lake for balance, and when I pulled it out, my wedding ring was gone. I couldn’t believe it! We looked for an hour before a storm came up and forced us to quit. I decided I probably wasn’t the first person to lose a ring, and some Googling led me to The Ring Finders. I decided to give it a shot, even though I was basically resigned to the thought that my ring was lost forever. I reached out to Gary and he was able to make the trip up to Duluth the very next day. After arriving at the beach, he messaged me to say he might have located something. I must say, I was not convinced at that point. A while later, he sent a picture of a ring. My ring! I’m so amazed and grateful that he was able to locate something as small as my wedding ring in Lake Superior. What a great gift on the week of our anniversary!

I will certainly be taking my ring off when I paddle or put my arm in the water in the future!

Thanks for braving the cold water and locating my ring Gary! I hope you keep putting your amazing detecting skills to good use!”

Lake Owen Ring Found on 8-5-18

  • from Matthews (North Carolina, United States)

On 8-5-2018, I received a call to locate a lost ring at Lake Owen. I used my Electroscope by Thomas long distance detector to initially locate the ring. I brought my buddy Mike to fish the ring out of the water.

“Thank you Gary and Mike for the fast and friendly service! And most of all, thank you for finding my wedding ring of almost 19 years. I had lost the ring on my 2018 annual family  vacation while swimming in Lake Owen. Gary and Mike came out on a Sunday and found my ring within 5 minutes. It was a huge relief to know my ring was found and returned to its rightful place on my finger 🙂 Thanks again!Dan and Kellie Miller, Madison”

Lost Ring Found In NC

  • from Matthews (North Carolina, United States)

While using my Electroscope Model-20 n North Carolina in December 2015 I received 10 or 15 hits. Most of the targets I recovered were clad coins however the last target I recovered was a gold class ring containing a name and year inscribed inside. I contacted the school and asked if they could contact the owner. Within the next few days the owner contacted me. We arranged for a meeting in order to return his ring. I asked the owner if he would submit some history on his ring and he provided the following:

My parents wanted to surprise me for Christmas by giving me a class ring for my junior year in 1990. It was a great gift that I wore with pride. I was self conscious of wearing a ring, so it was strange that i didn”t notice when it fell off. I searched for a few weeks hoping it would turn up before confessing to my parents that it was lost. I never found it and never even knew where i lost it! It was a mystery. That is, until i got an email from school 27 years later that somebody had found my ring using a metal detector. Apparently i had lost my ring during a pick up game of baseball and it sat in the clay next to the pitchers mound on the baseball field for over two decades. The school forwarded me his information and i contacted him immediately. We were not heading north any time soon, but he was headed south so we met close to my home in Central Florida. I now have my ring back, a heck of a good story and a new friend!!