lost engagement ring LOST and then FOUND in Manzinita Oregon

  • from Seaside (Oregon, United States)

On a nice September day I received a text from Allie in regarding her lost engagement ring. It was about 3 in the afternoon. After a couple texts Allie called and was explaining the circumstances how and when the ring was lost. She said that the ring was lost on a Friday and it was now Monday. Allie stated that she had bought a medal detector and was not having any luck saying she couldn’t figure out how to use it.She also stated that her and her son were using a food strainer to sift though the sand. I advised her to stop digging and just wait for me. I needed to take care of something and I would be on my way. I could tell that Allie was very upset.

I was waiting on a friend because we were going to do some work on his car. I called my friend and told him I had an emergency and would have to push the time back a little so I could take care of a lady who lost her ring. He agreed we could do it later.

Allie sent me the cords to her location it was about a hour drive from my house. So I put all my gear in the truck and I was off to help a lady in need. .. An hour has passed on the road and I pull up to the parking lot where I was sent. The place I pulled into was a parking lot by the beach. I grab my Equinox and a scoop then head down to the beach where Allie was waiting. When I reached the place where Allie was waiting I could see holes where they were digging. Allie then proceeded to tell me the where she believed the ring was lost. She also was telling me how they were using a medal detector that they just bought before driving the 2 hours from there home. also how she pulled her son Miles out of school so he could help look for the lost ring.

Making a plan about where I was going to start looking telling Allie and Miles my plan. I then turned on my medal detector doing the noise cancelling and ground balancing I was ready to start my search. going to the area I was going to start swinging. I started swinging and within a couple minutes I get a good signal. I grab my scoop take out a scoop and check the hole with my medal detector to hear that it is still in the hole. I take a half scoop and check to hear that the object was in my scoop. I start sifting the scoop and a shiny object starts to show itself. I reach for the object and grab it with some sand and I can feel right away what was in my hand. I look over to Allie still with the look of worry still in her eyes. I smile and open my hand so she can see what is in my hand. I knew she had seen her ring in my hand when her eyes opened wide with a big smile. I could see the stress and worry run from her face. I hand the ring to Allie and she puts the ring back on her finger. Allie and Miles were both so excited, She asked if she could give me a hug and I accepted.

We talked for awhile the whole time thanking me we talked about her trip to find the ring how her and Miles were sifting through the sand with a spaghetti strainer. showing me pictures of this adventure of how persistent and determined they both were to find this lost ring that meant the world to her. After that we parted ways and I was on my way home. The following days I received a text from Allie again thanking me and asking if I would be interested in doing a interview with the Portland news. It turns out she works for the station and she was telling her story and asked if it would be ok to run the story on the local TV news. I agreed to do the interview. Needless to say I am not a very good interviewee.

All in all this has been my favorite find. I meet a very nice lady and her son. I offered to show Miles how to use the medal detector the next time he was in the area. I will post a link to the news interview if you are interested. Thank you for reading my story.



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  1. Griff (TRF-France) says:

    Turned into a great find and good human interest story.

  2. Griff (TRF-France) says:

    Perseverance and professional knowledge!! Good job.

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