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Metal Detecting Service Inc.

Metal Detecting Service Inc.

Thornapple river Hastings Mi


imageimageimageMy fishing buddy and we’re having coffee talking about what part of the river we were going to fish , at that very moment I got a call from Mike M   He and his wife had canoe’d the day before, ran into a log jam and went over. It was only two miles from where we were going fishing  So small change of plan I grabbed my Garrett ATpro and we headed out  ( work before play) We met up with Mike in about an hour The spot was a sharp bend with very swift currents. I had to go up river to get across, I worked my way toward to log jam carefully I was on my toes up to my chin. Mike said I was rite where it happened. The bottem was all gravel inbetween large rock. I worked outward from the log they hit it was very clean 20 minutes not one peep from my ATpro, then the sound I’d been looking for a great ring hit. With the current,depth and rock it was challenging to get the ring into my scoop. Second try I came up with it. Once back across the river Mike helped me up the bank and we headed back to our truck. We headed out to our kayak / fishing trip. Bug were bad fishing was poor. But I had a big smile all day after that tough , fun recovery. 

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