Lost Please help

from Hastings (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-366-5616

Kate contacted me early Sunday she had lost her ring the evening before and found our THERINGFINDERS site while having a hard sleepless night   A quick talk I knew it would be worth a search , a chance to recover her ring, it was a long ride there. Once there a quick boat trip out to a sandbar, then she showed me where she had lost it. She was in 4-5 feet on a very steep drop off.  I stepped down the edge beside her spot checked around no ring. I thought surely it rolled into deep water  I took one step right where it had came off and my Garrett ATpro said to me there it is.  I carefully put my scoop under it, pull my scoop up and I had it. It was by far my best recovery yet  Kate and Adam were overwhelmed with joy.  When we got to shore I took a few pictures and loaded up, then Kate handed me a very handsome reward.  Very kind family and so very happy I could help them , a real heart felt moment for sure.  For all of us !



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