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Metal Detecting Service Inc.

Metal Detecting Service Inc.

Lost Please help


Kate contacted me early Sunday she had lost her ring the evening before and found our THERINGFINDERS site while having a hard sleepless night   A quick talk I knew it would be worth a search , a chance to recover her ring, it was a long ride there. Once there a quick boat trip out to a sandbar, then she showed me where she had lost it. She was in 4-5 feet on a very steep drop off.  I stepped down the edge beside her spot checked around no ring. I thought surely it rolled into deep water  I took one step right where it had came off and my Garrett ATpro said to me there it is.  I carefully put my scoop under it, pull my scoop up and I had it. It was by far my best recovery yet  Kate and Adam were overwhelmed with joy.  When we got to shore I took a few pictures and loaded up, then Kate handed me a very handsome reward.  Very kind family and so very happy I could help them , a real heart felt moment for sure.  For all of us !



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