Successful Ring Search Along Pinellas Trail in Seminole, FL

from St. Petersburg (Florida, United States)
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Seminole, FL ring found by

Bryan Rosengarten was trying to help his mother-in-law find a gold ring she lost while feeding ducks near her home, by purchasing a metal detector. After having no success, he traded the metal detector for a better model. This was still no help in finding the gold ring that was a gift from his late father-in-law.

As the days went by, rain showers made their way through the area. They trimmed the grass in the area to improve their chances of finding the missing ring, but nothing helped. They contacted an out of town family member who is a metal detectorist and member of The Ring Finders, an international network of metal detectorists who help people find lost jewelry. He wasn’t able to make the trip to search, but suggested he contact a member in their area. 2016-seminole-beach-ring-finders-2

Bryan contacted Frank Ranieri, owner of Beach Ring Finders. They scheduled a search the next day. Frank met with Bryan and Gayle Cooper, at their home in Seminole along the Pinellas Trail. Gayle reenacted how she was feeding ducks when the ring slipped off her finger. “The weather was quite cool that day, so I guess my fingers had shrunk,” says Gayle

After searching with his metal detector for about 45 minutes, Frank found the ring about six feet from where Gayle was standing in some tall grass in a retention pond. “Fortunately, the water from the recent rains had run off and the tall weeds had been trimmed, so the search was pretty straightforward,” says Frank Ranieri.

Frank has been metal detecting for about four years but just recently joined The Ring Finders group. “I find jewelry all the time while metal detecting at the beach and wanted a way to improve my chances of reuniting lost jewelry with their owners,” says Frank. “It’s rewarding to use my hobby as a way to help people find something they’ve lost.” Frank, also the owner of a website development company, created a website, to help reunite lost jewelry with their owners.

Gayle was delighted to hear Frank was able to find her ring. “My husband gave me that ring. I wear it all the time. I’ve missed it this whole week,” adds Gayle.

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