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Lost Rings and Items In Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Sioux City, Iowa and Surrounding Areas

from Sioux City (Iowa, United States)
Contact: 1-605-368-1037

Nothing is more heart breaking then to look down at your hand and notice you have lost your wedding ring, gold class ring, car keys, or other cherished item. The first flash that I think would come to my mind was my wedding day and that moment my spouse put that ring on my finger. I’m Eric Hurlburt, a member of The Ring Finder organization. My main search area is Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Sioux City, Iowa and surrounding areas. But, I cover just about any area in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota to help you in your time of need. As a full-time Private Investigator and owner of South Dakota Professional Services ( I help my clients everyday when they find themselves in a tough spot in their life. I use my experience as a law enforcement officer to show empathy, yet get to the root of the problem and narrow down my search field.

If you find yourself with a lost wedding ring, cherished item, or family heirloom in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, or Minnesota give me a call at (605) 368-1037. Time is of the essence before some lucky person comes across your irreplaceable ring or item. In contrast, if the item was lost many years ago on private property and the public did not have access to the area that item will most likely still be there! Don’t go this alone with a rental metal detector from your nearest rental center. You will turn circles digging bottle caps and pull tabs till the sun goes down. Sit back and let me return your ring where it belongs……on your hand.

Eric Hurlburt  (605) 368-1037

Lost Ring Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Sioux City, Iowa