Lost Diamond Setting

  • from Melbourne Beach (Florida, United States)
  • Received a message about a recovery at the local dog park. It turned out that the setting (Rose gold flower and Diamond) was lost at the dog park. She reached into her back pocket and felt a snag so she looked at her ring and noticed it was missing.  After searching the known areas of the park, sidewalk, parking lot, we never recovered it. I asked her to follow her steps from when she knew that it was visible on her ring. I told her that she shouldn’t lose hope and if it’s in the park, I will find it. I asked her to go back trace her steps and look around the car, where she parks, etc. Her dog was large and the leash could have easily snagged the setting as she was entering her car.  She searched her car thoroughly. Her son was playing in the driveway the following day and noticed it on the driveway. Although I didn’t recover it, just wanted to share that although sometimes it feels hopeless, never give up. When we are helping others find their lost items, we are the detectives and we ask a lot of questions to save us time from searching areas that are not necessary. For example, if it’s a recent loss, I’m not digging up targets. I’m sweeping, looking, pinpointing in the grass and loose sand. Our job is about the recovery and to tell the story! Keep Hunting, never lose hope, but know when to determine that you know it’s not there. Stay safe everyone!!

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