Closet Case - Lost Ring in a Closet

from Antelope Valley (California, United States)
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So recently an insurance agent calls and says they have a client who lost a ring somewhere in their  large walk-in closet.  It was a priceless family heirloom they hid before a trip and now cannot find it.  Worse yet, they have since donated clothing and luggage from the closet. The agent said they found my listing on website and asked if I could help?  I explained that metal detectors do not work well inside houses and although I have a small handheld detector, clothing is loaded with zippers and buttons so it would probably come down to a hand search.  Ultimately an appointment was set and I met with the couple at their home.  We recounted their steps, mentally walking through that day, and discussed what and where they had already searched -many times I might say. I could tell they felt hope was lost despite my mantra to never give up.  Sure enough, the small detector worked well and I could discriminate out a lot of the zippers and such, but it was much slower than a hand search.  So article by article I felt and scrunched my way systematically across the room.  90 minutes later I felt a hard object through the padded fabric of a plaid vest. Before the owner had to leave for work, she had told me she believed she put the ring in a plastic baggie, but I felt no plastic crinkle and I was not sure.  I reached into the vest pocket  and pulled out a cloth bag with a large ring inside.  Since they had no photos of  missing ring I showed it to the husband for verification.  His gasp of surprise was confirmation it was the missing heirloom.  We hatched a plan to surprise his wife at work because these are the moments I really enjoy; that look of astonishment quickly followed by unabashed joy.  When we arrived  I let him present it to her while I snapped a photo.  Yep. Astonishment and Joy. Oh, and there were hugs too.  Today was a good day.

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