Tough Ring Find San Fernando Valley

from Antelope Valley (California, United States)
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imageSo today I got my first TheRingFinders find. A somewhat frantic young lady waited 11 years for her engagement ring and lost it from her purse somewhere between her office, Mom’s house, and her home. She assured me that many friends and family have been looking for it for the last four days and she even rented a metal detector from the the local equipment yard, but the ring was still lost. First we checked her cubicle farm, traced her steps through the parking lot and vegetation area near her parking spot. Then a detailed search of her car followed by a hands and knees search of the Mom’s house. Of course the gardener had come earlier that day and we counted our blessings that he dumped the grass clippings in the recycle bin instead of the dump, but it was not there either. Then we went to her house; the last place on the trail and her hope needle was near empty. Come to find out her front door is 20 feet directly above a drainage culvert with a drain hole at bottom – a likely place for the lost ring. Resigned to my fate, I climbed down into the culvert to plumb the drain when I glanced to my right and spied the sparkly ring deep under a juniper tree. That sucker must have taken a heck of a bounce to land there. I picked up the ring and displayed it to her. The resulting scream of joy brought the neighbors to their front doors and probably resulted in a call or three to 9-1-1. A good start. 1 for 1.




4 Responses to “Tough Ring Find San Fernando Valley”

  1. Mark Rubey says:

    Good job Ed! Looks like you had to really work for your first!

  2. Jim Wren says:

    WOW, great first find. Hope they get easier for you buddy!!

  3. Chris Turner says:

    That search will most likely be one of your hardest recoveries! Way to keep your eyes open and spot that ring!!

  4. Matthew Fry says:

    You will never forget the first one… Great Job Ed! Put you to the test right off the bat. Say Hi to San Fernando for me. Child years around Knollwood Ranaldi area. Granada Hills.

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