Lost Womans Rolex on beach in Ocean City,NJ Recovered!

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

A couple weeks ago I searched for a woman’s Rolex watch on the beach but was unable to locate it and posted the information on my Facebook page. Later that weekend a friend of mine who is a life guard saw my post and said that a friend of his 6 year old son found a woman’s Rolex on the beach. Well it turns out it’s the same watch and kid found it in the sand before my search lol! His parents wanting to teach him to do the right things in life asked if I still had the contact information for the woman to see if it was indeed hers. The location of the loss was confirmed and the return took place yesterday! The woman stated what a great kid he was and a very nice family,good stuff! I’m working on getting the boy his first metal detector to hit the beaches,look out here comes competition lol! Awesome outcome! Great job young man! Thank you White’s Electronics for donating the Coin Master metal detector for him!13394080_10206717701011746_5953037772106616687_n13450847_10206717701091748_7853903765748455800_n

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  1. Mark Rubey says:

    Nice story!

  2. Mike McInroe says:

    Way to encourage the youngster with getting him his very own detector!! Nice move!

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