Lost Car Keys on Beach in Stone Harbor,NJ Recovered!

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from a panicking woman on the beach who had lost the only key to her car on the beach earlier in the day. Not sure what to do she contacted the local police department and they suggested calling me since I have done numerous lost jewelry recoveries in the area and I may be able to help with the use of my metal detecting equipment. After a brief phone call we agreed to give a try and I met her on the beach a couple hours later. Showing me the area where she had entered/exited the beach and where she was sunbathing for the day I began to grid the area and search for the key with my Whites MX Sport metal detector. Not having any luck where she was sitting with friends I started my way towards the exit into the soft white sand and received a signal. Scooping the sand into my sifter there was the key! She was extremely relieved that I had found it and not have to call a locksmith and could continue her weekend of fun at the beach with friends. 13423949_10206717418324679_4569256086466499766_n13432176_10206717418404681_524665419159672246_n