Lost Wedding Ring on Beach in Ocean City,NJ found by Ed Cropski of TheRingFinders!!!!

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from a guy who had lost his gold wedding ring on the beach. He felt that the ring had to be either in an area where he and a friend were throwing a football around or in the area where they were setup for the day on the beach. Upon arriving at the site I handed him a handful of orange stake flags to mark out the areas of interest. Beginning a grid pattern and after about 45 minutes and having completed the area I still had not found the ring I decided to search outside the box. Expanding the search by 5 feet in all directions I received the signal I was looking for from my Whites beach hunter Id 300 metal detector and as I shook the sand from my scoop I could see I had the ring! As the owner was now becoming doubtful of its recovery was being reassured by my girlfriend that if was there I would find it I walked up and said I got it! Needless to say he was very relieved and amazed that I had indeed recovered his wedding ring and announced the good news to his family now coming back to beach. I was happy to see they could now get back to enjoying their vacation.