RingFinder advertising ideas that work well for me!

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

These are advertisement items that I  made up and had printed  by Vistaprint (cheap and free offers) Check with local authorities for permission and permits!

1) Large banner : 30×70 I use these on the roadways approaching the beach destinations.Frame is made using 3/4 pvc for disassembly and transport.Secure to ground with 2 rebar spikes and cord.

2) Small banner :36×20 Entrance and exit paths at the beaches.Also secured with rebar spikes.

3)Lawn signs :27×18 Also used at Beach pathways and also whenever I am on a recovery call I put it up where I’m hunting while I’m present. These work great!

4)Rack cards: Displayed in rack card holders throughout Diners,grocery stores,Welcoming centers,Car wiper blades at beach parking areas,bulletin boards,etc….

5) Small magnets(refrigerator magnets) These work great! Have them distributed at realtor offices to be included in welcoming packets for beach rentals,also I pass them out to people as they approach me while detecting on the beach or making a recovery.

6) Business cards: Anywhere that has those business card posting boards,leave them on counters,bars,windshields or doors,boardwalk.

7) Window decal: Mobile advertising! Great for when parked anywhere too! Peolple always comment on this and works real well!

4 Replies to “RingFinder advertising ideas that work well for me!”

  1. Dan Hurley says:

    Great advertising ideas! I am using Vistaprint for my advertising, and really happy. -Dan

  2. Steven Mack says:

    Hi Ed,

    Fellow ring finder from Yakima Washington. I have been thinking about setting up advertising, especially the wallet cards and window on the car. I would love to not have to re invent the wheel and am wondering if you would share your art work. I think you have thought of just about everything there. Looks great.


  3. Fantastic advertising Ed..i will now be using some of these idea’s…hope you dont mind.

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