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Lost Platinum wedding band recovered by Ed Cropski in Ocean City,NJ


I received a call today while on my vacation in cean city from a guy also on vacation there just 28 blocks away.He explained that he had lost his Platinum wedding band in the surf when caught a football the day before the call.I immediately met them on the crowded beach and began the search in a designated area.After digging a signal that turned out to be a quarter,signal number 2 turned up the ring.The crowd on the beach was amazed with the recovery and the owner was very happy to see his wedding band again.I glad I was able to help and Thankful for the generous reward! It was a big boost for the Ring Finders website having the recovery take place on the crowded beach.

2 Responses to “Lost Platinum wedding band recovered by Ed Cropski in Ocean City,NJ”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great job Ed, always nice to find what you’re looking for and help find a smile too!

  2. John Z says:

    Ed, Thanks so much for helping the other day. It seemed all hope was lost after a day of searching for the ring, and when you pulled it out of the ocean, it was unreal!!!! You are a true master of your craft

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