Metal detectors Clemson SC

  • from Clemson (South Carolina, United States)

Clemson SC metal detectorist Allen Carter,  cell # (864)535-4347 call or text anytime.

If you’ve lost something valuable and your looking for help to recover it give me a call or text let’s discuss the options. As long as it’s metallic in some way I can find it.  I have 5yrs experience and a great machine to help me quickly locate your lost item.  Whether it be a ring, knife, set of keys, or wallet,  if you can point me in a general location I’ll track it down.



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  1. Elizabeth whitesides says:

    Hey my name is elizabethwhitesides I lost my necklace that was special to me in a yard can you help me find it

    1. Allen Carter says:

      Yes I’m in the Clemson area you can contact me at (864)535-4347 I’d be happy to help

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