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Lost ring found, Northern Kentucky!

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

Every teacher looks forward to the beginning of summer break.  I was at school for my last day of teacher Professional Development before officially kicking-off summer!  After lunch, some teachers were hitting softballs in our school’s front baseball field. When it was my turn to bat, I put my wedding band and engagement ring into my back pocket.  After batting, I went to the outfield to shag balls.  Jumping and diving for pop flies, I ran all around the outfield.  When our game concluded, I realized my rings had slipped out of a hole in my back pocket… AHHH!!!

The teachers helped me search the baseball field.  There were literally 15 to 20 teachers, many on hands and knees, hunting for my lost rings.  One teacher found my wedding band during the first hour of the search.  The hunt quickly became a full scale community effort.  My Principal rented a metal detector.  We recruited the help of neighbor children.  My Superintendent even joined the search, and our district maintenance department volunteered another metal detector.   Our search party spent five hours combing the field on this first day, and I spent five hours the following day.  Our efforts, though, came up empty handed, and I was certain my engagement ring was forever lost.   That is, until Mr. Owens arrived!


After creating a grid and systematically searching in the field, Mr. Owens found my ring in about two hours.  I am forever grateful for Mr. Owens.  Thank you for using your time and talent to help me find my lost ring.  This ring had so much sentimental value to me and now, thanks to the love of a community and Mr. Owens, it has even more!  My summer break can now begin with all rings on my finger and with my heart and mind at peace.


Thank for your finding my lost ring.


Bethany Hamann


First Ring Returned, Thanksgiving Day 2014, Blanchester, OH!

from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

Detecting in the water on an unseasonably warm November day I located a young lady’s 2014 high school class ring. I went to work researching the owner and was able to contact her grandfather the day before Thanksgiving. It just so happened she was going to be visiting her grandparents for thanksgiving and we were able to arrange for her to pick up the ring on Thanksgiving day!

“Every summer I visit my grandparents for a week. This past summer we were out on the lake and I forgot to take off my rings before jumping in the water so being the smart one I am, ha ha, I tried to take my rings off and hand them to my Grammy who was still on the boat. As I was taking off my second ring my class ring fell off my finger to the bottom of the lake. We spent quite a while trying to find it with our toes but had no luck. I thought I would never see my ring again. Thank you so very much! I no longer feel like something is missing from my hand.

Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you!”

Kayleigh Day