Fastest Wedding Ring Find Ever For Me, In Loveland, Ohio, Today!

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received  a text from a gentleman on Tuesday regarding his wedding ring which he lost a few weeks ago while working in his yard. We set a date to meet today as the ring had already been missing for several weeks.

As we walked and he explained his efforts the day his ring went missing, he was certain where and when he lost it because his security cameras showed he had the ring on when he started his project just before he put on his gloves to get started working, and then when he returned to his porch and removed his glove, the ring was gone.

We walked the area where he was pretty sure this ring had to be and he said he thought that when he removed his glove, that the ring had come off in that area, and that it may have been tossed and even bounced.

He told me that he and his wife and friends had searched for days and even at night with no luck, and he told me he had even used a metal detector to search, showing me some holes he dug while searching, but he’d had no luck.

I was thinking the ring might not be there as the area was relatively small and he had noted he and his friends had already searched it thoroughly, but I was headed to my car to get my gear when I asked him if there was anywhere else that he might have removed his gloves that day. I was thinking about another area I had seen in his yard when he noted that there was one other spot along his walk from the front to the rear of his house, but that it was a long shot, and that he probably should not even mention it.

I said we could hit it first on our way back from my car and he asked if I would mind if he walked along with me as I searched. I told him that he might get tired because every time I bent down to search, he would think that I had found his ring, but that it would probably be a pop tab, beaver tail. or some similar scrap metal and he told me that yes, that he had found a few nails while searching with his metal detector.

When setting up my detector I noted they have underground utilities and that this was going to be a ‘chatty’ search because my detector was really noisy.

Zeroed and balanced as best I could, we started our search and I swear, about three steps into his yard, at the side of his house, right next to his trash cans, the detector reacted to a good strong signal and I figured it was trash of course. I warned him, about it probably being trash, but as I bent using my pin pointer and I almost could not believe it. There pressed into the earth was a rose gold circle


We were done! Both of us were amazed, happy, but amazed by our luck. And it was then that I realized that had we not started to work on his long shot, hunch first, that we might have been searching for hours in the wrong area.

We had gotten very lucky!

Speaking of which, GO BENGALS!

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