Wedding Rings Lost While Running, Recovered In Beavercreek, OH

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a text from a young lady who had lost her wedding set while running along some of the most excellent hike/bike trails in Beavercreek, Ohio.

Unfortunately she only just learned of the Ring Finders and she had lost her rings in May, and so they had been missing for over three weeks when she called.

“I was out for a run and lost my wedding rings near the end of May. I called my insurance agent who informed me “I didn’t have the rider/floater for MISPLACED rings, only for robberies and being destroyed in a disaster like a house fire” I couldn’t even make a claim. I cried. I posted for people to be on the lookout for my rings, I searched and searched the path I had been running, with no luck. Weeks later, I found The Ring Finders website and contacted Doug who searched for my ring for about 4.5 Hours! He found it and called me and I cried even more. I am so thankful for him! 💍”

It was a tough search, but had I started where she said she had first noticed the ring had gone missing, I believe I might have found it in 15 minutes… Not knowing what had happened, I decided to start where she last remembered the ring still being in her pocket and I searched the path up and back to where she first noticed hers rings had gone missing. Almost back to the spot where we had started searching, with less than about 100 yards to go, I heard the sound I had been hoping for. I sent her a picture and when we spoke, I said “What about that”.

It was getting late, the shadows were long, and when we spoke she said she could not believe that I was still hunting.

We were both very happy!

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