Lost Wedding Ring Recovered - Cincinnati, Ohio

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a call while at work today from a gentleman who found the Ring Finders directory while doing an online search. He was seeking assistance locating a lost wedding ring and since I had been planning a hunt after work and had my gear with me, we arranged to meet when I got off.

When we met, he and his wife explained that they had been preparing to take their rings for cleaning and while heading to their car his wife accidently dropped hers on their front walk. Luckily, they were able to track the flight of the engagement ring and they found it just off the walk in their front lawn. They had however, lost sight of the wedding ring but assumed it too would be located close by. After searching late into the evening on hands an knees, even with the help of friends and neighbors, they were frustrated to have been unable to locate it.

After spending about an hour detecting, and gridding a relatively small area, I too was disappointed and frustrated at not having found what I thought should have been an easy to locate ring. Running out of ideas, I decided to search the cracks and edges of their walk by hand because the metal in and under their concrete walk had been setting off my detector which may have caused me to miss the signal the ring gave. On hands an knees, I went down one side of the walk to the street and then started back at the drop site down the other side. I was getting worried because the search area was small and I had not yet located the ring, when about half way to the street I found the ring, it was standing upright alongside walk.

If I was worried, I think because it had taken me so long to locate the ring, that the couple were both shocked and surprised when I finally did locate it.

I was happy to be able to return this ring to this couple, but afterward to learn that having done so, their marriage could continue, made it even more worthwhile!

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