Wedding Ring Found On Lucky Rainy Afternoon, In Cincinnati, Ohio!

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I had just gotten off of work and was ready to detect a local park on a dreary, rainy, afternoon when I noticed a text message from a young woman who found me via the Ring Finders directory. I called and she told me that she had lost her wedding ring in her backyard the day before. She had been tossing a ball from their deck to their family dogs when she felt her ring slip off with one of her throws and she even heard it bounce once in the yard. She and her husband had searched late and had even bought a metal detector to find it, but being unfamiliar with the detector the experience proved frustrating and they had been unable to find her ring.

I was surprised to learn that I just happened to be within a mile of their home and I drove right over to search. Knowing where the ring was lost and with my search area defined, I started my search and within twenty minutes, I had located her wedding ring!

While taking a picture of her ring on my wet detector, I saw her face as she realized that I had found her ring, and she seemed quite surprised, and very happy.

Chris Turner, founder of the Ring Finders is right when he says the smiles and happy faces when you get to return a lost treasure, really do make it worthwhile!

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