Wedding band lost while snow sledding at home, Recovered In Dayton, OH

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a text on Tuesday morning from a gentleman who explained that after a recent snowfall, he and his wife had been sledding really fast in their backyard and when they went inside he noticed his ring was gone. The snow had been heavy for our area, and the snow plows were struggling to clear the main roads. Some side streets had to wait and so I was unable to travel to this hillside location until after work on Wednesday.

While walking me through the area, the owner updated me on where they had been sledding and what he thought might have happened. I started my search and after having covered most of the area with no results, I decided to widen my search grid. Searching the outsides of my gridded area I swung close to the gate to their backyard and my detector picked up not only the gate but also a second faint signal nearby. I did a double-take, checking my audio and detector screen and then scanned over the spot again several times.

I could not believe our luck because the ring had been lost right at the entrance to their backyard.

As we talked after the successful recovery, the happy owner explained to me that since losing the ring, he had really missed it, and that though the ring had not been expensive, its sentimental value to him as a husband, was priceless.

Whenever I am able to recover and return a missing treasure like this, I am grateful to have been able to help, and the smiles make the effort worth while!

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