Monroe Ohio - Wedding ring lost while spreading straw - Found On Winter Solstice

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a call on Sunday afternoon from a homeowner who had been seeding and spreading straw on his lawn. He was certain his ring was lost while spreading the straw and that it was somewhere in his backyard. I was unable to search until Monday evening after work and when I arrived we walked the area discussing the weekend project.

He had saved the last of the unused straw in a small bag, though he had searched through it, so that we could go over it again with the detector, however we did not find the ring in the bag. After half of the yard had been searched I was almost beginning to worry, when just off the back porch area I heard the signal we were both hoping for.

The home owner said he thought that was probably the area he had lost it in because that was where he had started his project and that he had searched for it there but had been unable to locate it.

I appreciated the call and was really happy to help locate this ring on the winter solstice and during the appearance of the Christmas Star to hopefully make the home owner’s Christmas a little more Merry!