Ring bounces into hillside brush - Recovered in Cincinnati, Ohio!

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received this call on a recent Sunday evening and was happy to be able to respond while there was still some daylight left to search in. When I arrived the gentleman updated me on how and where the rings had been lost. His wife had been showing her rings to friends on Saturday evening while standing atop a retaining wall at the back of their property and while being passed around, the pair of rings had been dropped and bounced off of the wall onto the hillside covered with rock and under growth to prevent erosion.

Happily the gentleman had been able to locate the engagement ring the next day, after sighting it in the rocks, but even after renting a metal detector to continue his search, he had been unable to locate the smaller yellow gold ring which was inlaid with diamonds. Locating the Ringfinders on-line he contacted me to ask if I would be willing to help him search.

It was after dark when we decided to call it a night after having found tin foil, nails, scrap, aluminum, etc.. I told the owner that I felt like the ring was just not where we were searching but before leaving, I decided to expand my search area out farther than either of us had thought it possible the ring could have bounced and after another fifteen minutes or so I heard the signal I had been hoping for!

When I knocked on the door to return this ring the owner could not believe I had been able to find it but he was very happy to be able to return it to his wife and I was happy to have helped.


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