Ring Lost Kayaking Rapids In South West Ohio - Recovered!

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received this email late on a Monday afternoon while I was getting ready to do some dry land detecting so this call out was well timed. I drove trough a torrential, pop-up thunderstorm getting to the search site and though more storms were forecast that evening and we could hear thunder nearby while we searched, there was no more rain which was additional evidence of our good fortune.

Here’s the rest of the story: “After kayaking for most of the day with my sons on the Little Miami River, we were enjoying hot wings when I noticed my wedding ring was gone. I was absolutely devastated. My wife and I have been married for 25 years and we had had the ring custom designed way back then. I never thought I would see it again and I knew there was no way to get another one like it. A couple days later I had the thought about using a metal detector to search for it since there was only one place I suspected it would be would’ve fallen off, which was where I had flipped the kayak over once in some rough water. While searching the Internet for the possibility of renting a waterproof metal detector, I came across the ring finders site and found Doug was near me. I sent him an email and literally less than one minute after clicking send my phone rang and he was there suggesting that we go down to the river that very evening. There was no easy access to the part of the river I had flipped the kayak. So we had to climb down hills and through brush to get to it and then wade across thigh deep water that was running fast enough to wash us off our feet. Thankfully we made it across into the small side rapids where I had flipped the kayak. I only knew approximately where I had flipped it but Doug waded right in and went up and down that section of river until he found it in about an hour. It felt like a complete miracle. Thank you Doug so much for your dedication to this truly awesome cause.”

We were blessed in many ways to have been able to recover this ring and I was happy to help!