Tossed And Found - Engagement Ring, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

Kasey was refreshingly honest when she explained how her ring was lost and with the circumstances and area defined, we both had high hopes we would be successful in recovering her engagement ring.

Kasey explained it this way:

“I had gotten into an argument with my fiance. I’m pregnant and my hormones are crazy! Well, I took off my ring and chucked it into the woods. We searched for my ring for days! It was a week before I decided to google “I threw my ring into the woods, how do I find it.” LOL. We rented a metal detector, no luck. So I found Doug!!! I’m so happy his Ringfinders page was the first site I clicked on. He came over the night I called right after work and he found my ring in less than two hours!!!!!

We had been searching in the wrong spot but without Doug I don’t think I would have my ring back to this day. Doug was the most genuine man, he was so sweet and so kind. He told me “it happens all  the time, more than you might think” so I wouldn’t feel as crazy! He is a hidden gem for sure and I think everyone deserves to know how awesome he is and how great he is at doing what he does!!!”

After thoroughly searching the wooded area we had thought the ring would be found in, I was discouraged but decided to expand my search grid. It just happened that my first guess was a good one and hearing the sound I’d been hoping for, I was able to call Kasey and let her know her ring had been found. I am always happy to help and when a recovery effort is successful, I’m almost as excited as the ring’s owner.

5 Replies to “Tossed And Found – Engagement Ring, Cincinnati, Ohio”

  1. Jackie P says:

    Doug is a wonderful person with a good heart. I have know him for many years. Congratulations on the return of your ring.

    1. Doug says:

      Thank you Jackie!
      I like really liked your Ferrari.

  2. HannaH says:

    Doug is my dad. And I couldn’t be more proud of him than when I read these stories. He genuinely loves helping people and reading how people love him and appreciate him as much as do really melts my heart. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Mike McInroe says:

    This sort of thing happens more than we realize! Keep up the good work, putting smiles on those faces, and being a blessing! Also I would suggest to put some tags at the end of your stories to drive more hurting people to your awesome service. Mike in sunny Florida

    1. DOUGLAS OWENS says:

      Thanks Mike!

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