Sentimental Ring recovered, Cincinnati Ohio

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a call on a Sunday morning from a young lady regarding a ring that had been lost the night before. While swimming in a creek with friends, she said she had felt her ring slip off of her finger. After searching for hours with three friends she headed home discouraged, fearing that her ring was lost.

Searching the internet she located the International Ring Finders Site and saw that I was a local Ring Finder and she contacted me first thing Sunday morning. We were unable to meet on Sunday and rains were forecast so we were worried we might not be able to search, but I met with her boyfriend on Monday evening and he took me to the site to search. Within about 30 minutes I was fortunate to be able to locate and recover the young lady’s ring.

The ring had sentimental value because her boyfriend had given it to her on her Birthday and it was her favorite. ” I am so happy that Douglas was able to help  me! He was very kind and saved something very memorable for me!”

I was glad to have been able to search for and recover this ring and happy they called me to assist!