Late recovery is an early Christmas surprise in Cincinnati, Ohio

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a telephone message with a request to search for a set of lost wedding rings on December 3rd however, I unfortunately, only just listened to the message on December 17th… Two weeks late, I offered to search for her rings that evening and arriving at 7:00 pm because I had to return home to pick up my detector and recovery tools, we walked her yard area and she described the day of the loss while pointing out flags she had posted in areas where she believed her rings might be.

The day the rings were lost we had some very high winds early in the morning with gusts into the 40 mph range. Afterward, she and her husband were out doing some tree pruning and cleanup and during their efforts hauling brush and leaves to the rear of the property, she had removed her wedding rings and put them in her her shirt pocket to protect them. It was not until their day’s work was completed that she noted her rings were missing.

Not having heard back from me she and her husband had researched metal detectors and recovery techniques and they had tried to locate the rings with a borrowed metal detector. It must have been frustrating because I noted the yard area was heavily laden with small pieces of metal and scrap and I had to run several patterns and cover the areas she had marked twice to be certain her rings were not there. After several hours I decided to return home for the evening, install my 17″ coil and then return and grid their entire yard from front to back.

On my return today, I was able to get an earlier start but I was prepared for a potentially long search. I started in on their side yard and was four rows into my grid when I heard the sound I had been hoping for and my light shined on part of a small platinum ring. Overjoyed I had found the engagement ring within 20 minutes of beginning my search, I was hoping the wedding band would be close. Not two feet away I hit another strong signal and found her other ring.

I could not believe our luck and neither could she as she didn’t remember having been  in that area on the day she lost her rings. We were both really happy and I believe this find will help to make both our Christmas Holidays even happier.