Found - Wedding Ring Lost While Raking Leaves In Cincinnati Ohio!

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, I had been searching late for another lost wedding ring and I was headed home just after dark when I noticed a text message regarding another wedding ring that had been lost earlier that day. I happened to be within a few miles of the site and so I called to see if a night search was agreeable.

I connected with the ring’s owner and we arranged to meet right away. She and a friend walked me through the search area they had defined and they showed me they had taken care and saved all of the leaves they had raked piling them in their search area. After having searched for hours unsuccessfully seeking another wedding ring earlier, I was glad to help out and this hunt helped me to end my day on a positive note!

Here is the owner’s story:

“I was raking leaves in my backyard, when I looked down at my hand and noticed that my wedding band had fallen off. I had only gotten married a month ago and hadn’t gotten my ring sized properly yet. I was sure we would never be able to find it among all the leaves and we spent two hours combing through the yard to no avail. After it got dark, we found Doug on the ring finders website and decided it was worth it to give him a call. Within an hour he was at our house with his equipment and he found my ring within three minutes! I was so relieved and grateful that someone like Doug would take the time to use his talents to help us!”