Lost wedding ring in Cincinnati, Ohio, recovered on couple's anniversary!

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

About a week before Christmas I was contacted by a young woman regarding my helping in the search for her husband’s lost wedding band. Her husband was certain his ring had been lost while he was clearing brush on their property. The area the ring had been lost in was covered with undergrowth, honeysuckle and a thick carpet of leaves and the couple and a few of their friends had already searched unsuccessfully for the ring for over ten days.

After finding me via my Book Of Smiles on the Ring Finders web site, they decided to contact me for my assistance. It just so happened that the next day after dark, which was my earliest opportunity to search, was also the date of their wedding anniversary and I promised them I would do my best. After walking the site with the couple and reviewing their memories of the events of the day the ring was lost, we agreed on likely location for me to start my search and I got to work.

I had searched just three small grids of the area we had reviewed when I heard the tone I was hoping for. All of us were pleased and surprised when in just under an hour into my search I located and returned their lost wedding ring!

Smiles all around, I was so glad to have been able to help make their Anniversary day even happier!