Gun stolen, tossed, lost, found, Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I recently received a call from a woman who found me via our Ring Finders web site. She indicated her request was probably unlike those I normally receive and she asked if I would help with her search. She explained to me that earlier in the day, a friend had threatened her and stolen her handgun which she reported to the police.  Later that morning, her friend while attempting to elude police on a motorcycle, reportedly tossed her gun somewhere along the side of a wide public thoroughfare just prior to being captured.

The woman said she was very concerned that her gun might be found by a child or a pedestrian and/or that someone might be hurt and so she had been searching all day for it herself. We discussed the route her friend had reportedly traveled and some landmarks and I promised to help search as soon as I could. I worked late that night but was able to start my search just after dark at the start of the area we discussed. I gradually worked back and forth toward the spot where her friend was pulled over. About halfway through my search area, I received a very strong, loud signal and I almost could not believe my luck.

I phoned the police, reported my find and filled out a report for them and I contacted the gun owner to let her know also, hoping she would be able to relax a little after a very stressful day.